During construction, high quality supervision ensures the investor the control of performed works in accordance with the laws obtained for the building, all in accordance with the rules of the profession. That enables the construction to be carried out with the supervision of work and the quality of materials and equipment, thus avoiding subsequent problems or disputes. Our job is to solve all the arising problems in the construction while at the same time reducing the cost of the investment by doing high quality calculation of the works that had been carried out.


Many years of experience in the activities related to civil engineering and architecture make our team fully prepared for all kinds of consulting in the preparation of project documentation or the building itself. Our clients will get accurate and reliable information concerning the financing, technical consulting during architectural planning, construction or removal of buildings, provision of documents, analyzes, and necessary studies and surveys. In accordance with the regulations and principles of the Republic of Croatia and the EU, it is possible to achieve non-refundable co-financing with which the majority of the public is not familiar. Professional consulting services enable you to take on turnkey, not letting the wrong information taking you in the wrong direction.